Sample Materials

Many of the documents that Kimberley has authored are internal-focused and are not appropriate for Web site viewing: Marketing Requirements Documents, Product Requirement Documents, cheat sheets, battle cards, and sales presentations.

The following examples show sample outbound materials for a variety of companies.


Data Sheets/Technology Briefs

White Papers

Thought Leadership Blogging
Posts from Finance Sytem Innovatorsblog, which was a thought leadership viral marketing project.

Technical Documentation

Essbase Technical Reference (ESSCMD and Report Scripts sections) (4.8 MB)


Online Tutorials

Kimberley designed and wrote Tutors that Corel Corp. incorporated into their products to enhance the user experience. These Visual Basic 'mini-applications' provided interactive training for end-users from within the software interface.

The PhotoPaint Tutor is an executable file, and is not appropriate for Web download. Please contact Kimberley to receive a working copy of the PhotoPaint Tutor. The screen shot below illustrates the product.